Friday, June 25, 2010

Court reviews dismissal of medical malpractice case

SHAWN HOWELL, Individually and as Administrator for the Estate of JESSE FRANKLIN BROWNING, JR. v. CLAIBORNE AND HUGHES HEALTH CENTER (Tenn. Ct. App. June 25, 2010)

This is a medical malpractice action. Appellant originally filed a claim in 2007 in the name of an estate. The original claim was subsequently non-suited. Less than one year later, the claim was then re-filed, also in the name of an estate. With permission of the court, the Appellant later amended the complaint to name the administrator of the estate as the plaintiff.

However, upon the Appellee's motion, the trial court dismissed the complaint finding: (1) the complaint was barred by the statute of limitations as there were no allegations in the complaint which would invoke the savings statute; (2) the complaint failed to state with particularity the specific acts of negligence; and (3) that the Appellant failed to comply with the notice requirements for a medical malpractice action found in Tenn. Code. Ann. section 29-26- 121. Finding that the trial court erred, we reverse the decision of the trial court and remand for further proceedings.

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