Verdicts & Settlements

Following are just a sample of representative settlements and verdicts obtained by Knoxville personal injury attorneys Stephen A. Burroughs and Bryan L. Capps, JD, MBA as lead or co-counsel.  These cases have been selected to show the wide range of case types and case values handled by the firm.

Trucking Accidents
$2 million settlement to family rear-ended by tractor-trailer.
$1 million settlement to widow of truck driver killed in accident involving two tractor-trailers.
$765,000 settlement to man severely injured by truck crossing highway median.
$400,000 settlement to family of elderly man who died when tractor-trailer pulled into his path.
$275,000 settlement to man whose car was sideswiped by tractor-trailer resulting in neck injury.
$225,000 settlement to man rear-ended by tractor-trailer.
$175,000 settlement to woman injured when car side swiped by inattentive truck driver.

Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents
$700,000 judgment to cyclist severely injured by negligent motorist.
$500,000 settlement to husband and wife injured by man running stop sign.
$300,000 verdict to young woman injured when teenage driver crossed centerline.
$300,000 verdict to wife whose husband was killed while walking as a pedestrian.
$286,000 verdict to woman injured when tractor-trailer strikes her in interstate emergency lane.
$275,000 settlements to multiple Plaintiffs innjured when tour bus runs off roadway.
$225,000 settlement to man who suffered severe leg fracture when other driver crosses centerline.
$210,000 settlement to man injured when struck by trailer that detached from other vehicle.
$200,000 settlement to man injured while riding as passenger in friend's vehicle.
$200,000 settlement to woman injured when other drivers fails to obey stop sign.
$175,000 settlement to man injured while riding as passenger in friend's vehicle.
$100,000 settlement to young man injured while riding as a passenger while friend is speeding.

Medical Malpractice/Nursing Home Neglect
$3 million settlement to family of child severely disabled at birth due to medical error.
$ 430,000 settlement for disabled woman who died as a result of failure to diagnose her condition.
$ 150,000 settlement to man who suffers pressure sore during surgery.

Defective Products
$ 450,000 settlement to man burned due to defective car fuel system.
$ 250,000 settlement to man injured to due to defective design of of car body.

Railroad Injuries (Federal Employer Liability Act -FELA)
$841,901 verdict to locomotive engineer for back injuries sustained in crossing collision.

Toxic Chemical Exposure/Injuries
$600,000 to multiple Plaintiffs injured by exposure to chemicals leaking from derailed trains cars.

Amusement Park - Cabin/Chalet Rental Injuries
$260,000 to woman injured when two story mountain cabin deck she is sitting on collapses.
$250,000 to man injured due to unsafe mountain rental chalet/cabin.
$200,000 to man injured in amusement park go-cart collision.
$ 80,000 verdict to man injured at hot air balloon rally.

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall
$240,000 settlement to woman injured in bathroom of fast food restaurant.
$ 75,000 settlement to man injured when he fell on improperly designed swimming pool deck at hotel.
$ 75,000 settlement to woman injured by defective wheelchair lift at museum.
$ 25,000 verdict to woman who slipped and fell in at chain restaurant.

Bailment/Loss of Personal Property
Confidential six figure settlement to woman whose bank removed jewelry from safety deposit box.
$165,000 to man for recovery of expensive fabrics withheld by storage facility.

Insurance Bad Faith/Denial of Homeowner's Insurance Claim 
$800,00   settlement for wrongful denial of life insurance policy proceeds.
$600,000 settlement resulting from insurance agent's negligent failure to sufficiently insure family with automobile insurance and umbrella insurance policies.
$365,000 verdict to man whose auto insurance company refused to pay auto policy limits on his behalf — affirmed by the Tennessee Supreme Court - Johnson v. Tenn. Farmers Mut. Ins. Co., 205 S.W.3d 365 (Tenn. 2006).
$200,000 verdict to family wrongly accused by Allstate of setting fire to their own home.
$197,000 settlement for husband and wife wrongly accused of material misrepresentations in homeowner's insurance application.
$150,000 settlement for wrongful denial of life insurance proceeds to widow and two children.
$ 85,000 to homeowner for insurer's bad faith refusal to pay for personal property/contents damaged by fire.

Worker's Compensation
The personal injury attorneys of The Law Office of Stephen A. Burroughs have represented countless individuals injured on the job with settlements and verdicts ranging from nominal awards for minor injuries to seven figure structured awards for lifetime disability and medical benefits to seriously injured workers.  No work-related injury is too large or too small for the firm to handle.  

Every case is factually different.  You outcome may vary significantly from the representative cases above. Please call for a free consultation and case evaluation today at 865-297-3744.